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The Sex Doll She-Bitch

Rating: 5.3/10 from 32 users

About The Sex Doll She-Bitch movie

A disgruntled, middle-class sex-doll housewife goes on a murderous rampage upon discovering that her abusive used-car salesman husband is cheating on her. Two i...

The Sex Doll She-Bitch poster (2009

Movie Info

12 Jun 2009
35 min
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Jennifer Richardson ·
Thank you Putlocker, this movie was amazing! Hearth
Fiona Evans ·
Great movie
Like · Reply · 86 · November 22, 2017 2:08pm
Thomas Gomez ·
wonderful site thanks a million for the entertainment
Like · Reply · 219 · November 19, 2017 7:16am
Asante Milligan ·
I give it an 9.
Like · Reply · 18 · 3 hrs
James Dunlap
I am so happy HD is finally here!
Like · Reply · 143 · 14 hrs
Nichole Pattermann ·
Glad I got to see it! Thank u Putlocker!
Victoria Langley ·
That was amazing, I just watched on my tablet The Sex Doll She-Bitch and now is my ultimate favorite Jaison H. Costley's movie! Emoji
Like · Reply · 87 · 8 hrs
Romario Parker ·
The movie was good. The people saying the movie is bad are all foreigners that dont know what a good movie actually is.
Nick Jekyll
How can I download this movie?
Like · Reply · 41 · 5 hrs
We are sorry but the download feature is not available. You can watch The Sex Doll She-Bitch on HD servers after a quick registration. It's free!
Like · Reply · 96 · 3 hrs
Christina J. Pineda
35 minutes of pure emotion, I loved it. Thank you Putlocker! Emoji